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What you needed was at the heart of what we did

Our knowledge was your asset; the changing world of work demands partners, not just products.

Yoda art in office

As a solutions provider, the first step of our process was to consult. Then we took care of everything with our seamless quality-managed processes. Click below to read more….


Explore the future in a 1/2-day workshop

Tell us who you are.

We'll facilitate and help you discover the way forward in our half-day workshop


Where to put the old stuff

Leave that to us.

Any redundant furniture will go to charities or at least to licensed recycling centres


Come for a design tour of Clerkenwell

Nothing beats seeing and feeling furniture in person.

Check out your options, with no commitments


Crunch time. For us, not you

After a completely supervised delivery and installation process by us, your new space will be ready for the future


When things take shape

Choose between layouts and furniture options before agreeing on a quote. Can you re-use things to reduce waste and costs?


From snagging to adapting

Tell us how you're finding things. Beyond initial snagging, there might be some more tweaking to do now you're using your new space

clean modern office.
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Get in touch

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