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Our Lockdown Projects

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Interion has been delivering new office environments throughout lockdown; this continuity and experience means we’re well-placed to advise and support occupiers who want to get back to work; For more help and advice regarding the post-pandemic workplace, visit our knowledge base.

Read on for project details...

Ninja Theory, Cambridge

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One of our most exciting clients we have had the pleasure to work with is the gaming company Ninja Theory. Set in a beautifully designed space by Tala Fustok, our brief set by TP Bennett & Francis Hunter, was to design, develop and produce a completely bespoke desk solution for Ninja’s unique requirements. All of which was delivered during the peak of the pandemic.

The process involved a competitive process and various mockups of the desk which allowed us to fine tune every aspect of the design. Our final product was a nano laminate construction throughout, with a unique bolt system for setting the desk height, and lockable extra-wide cable trays to manage their extensive IT cabling requirements.

As well as the desks we provided accessories including Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arms, Humanscale Nova Task Lights, Tecta Stationery holders, and Ion Duo Aircharge units.

The solution was developed in partnership with our recommended partners Alchemy Furniture, who were outstanding with their level of detail and service throughout.


Derivco, Ipswich

We were delighted to be approached by a long-standing client who had moved to Derivco. This project would end up spanning across multiple floors, locations and even countries.

Our initial brief was set by Derivco and Verduyn Architecture to provide new furniture for their Ipswich office. We formed a great relationship with the project team, which led to expanding our brief to include bespoke furniture, home working products and a new office in Barcelona.

We worked alongside partners Structure Tone, who delivered the fit out, and Waste To Wonder, who removed existing furniture for donation to charity.

Supply Partners

Atlas Contract Furniture, James Tobias, OCEE, Workstories, Hitch Mylius, Elite, The Meeting Pod Co., Frovi, Connection, Muuto, Wilkhahn and UBI

Lloyds Avenue, London

Working in partnership with TFT and Structure Tone, we have delivered 2 floors of furniture at 8 Lloyds Avenue.

Set in an iconic part of London, this space was designed as a tenant-ready quality serviced office; It was important that the specification would sell the space and remain flexible enough to attract many different types of companies.

The space features Muuto lounge and meeting furniture, Spacestor Palisades, Vitra Belleville, Hay Pyramid, Humanscale World Task Chair, Task Systems meeting tables and Workstories desking.


Insight, Uxbridge

Working in collaboration with Maze Workplace, this bespoke-led project involved many different products, which all required high amounts of detail to achieve a superb result.

Biophilia was intended as a central theme from the beginning, so we ensured that many sections of ‘grid’ space-dividers featured plants - and the space on top of lockers was also designed to have planters throughout.

Our artisan banquettes were crafted by Atlas Contract Furniture. Meeting tables and grid by ORN. Lockers, planters, and storage by James Tobias.


Sartorius Stedim, Havant

Sartorius wanted to accelerate the production of downstream processing equipment. These systems are vital for the manufacture of injectable drugs as treatments for cancer, diabetes, and viral vaccine production. We put together a furniture package which would help to accelerate production processes, while improving staff wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

The space includes electronic sit-stand workstations, functional and contemporary meeting spaces, breakout spaces, personal/private workspaces, and vital production spaces.

Throughout the design phase, we identified the best products on the market for the client’s budget, whilst meeting the requirements for functionality, aesthetics, and quality. As a trusted independent furniture dealer, we were able to source furniture which not only met the required standards, but reduced the anticipated budget. We managed the installation from start to finish to ensure the client was happy with every element. Working closely alongside the IT and AV teams to ensure precision and clarity between services.

Supply Partners

Assmann, Interstuhl, Connection, Hitch Mylius, Tables For Business, Senator, CBS, Bisley & Bott.

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