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Ninja Theory

Ninja desks

Ninja Theory, Cambridge

Ninja’s philosophy and drive is to create impactful game experiences utilising breakthrough technology. Their BAFTA award-winning team of technical creatives demands the highest standards when it comes to supporting their workplace needs.

25,000 sq. ft.
Sector :
Video gaming

Our brief was to develop and produce a completely bespoke desk solution to meet Ninja’s demanding technical and ergonomic requirements.

The competitive process involved a period of technical design development, providing various mockups to facilitate evaluation by the client team. Our final product was of a nano-laminate construction throughout, with a unique bolt system for setting the desk height, and lockable extra-wide cable trays to manage their extensive IT cabling requirements.

In addition to the desks, we provided Monitor Arms, Task Lights, Stationery holders, and wireless aircharge units.

What We Did

Who We Worked With

The desk design concept was developed by leading architects and designers TP Bennett, who also managed the client evaluation process

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