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Insight Technology

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Insight, Uxbridge and Manchester

Insight builds business resilience for their clients through their understanding and application of the latest technology solutions. This fast-moving business needs flexible and adaptable space for their regional business hubs. We delivered for their Uxbridge facility during the first Covid lockdown and furnished their Manchester hub in 2022.

28,000 sq. ft.
Sector :
Online gaming technology
office space
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These bespoke-led projects involved many different products, which required high amounts of co-ordination and detailing to achieve a superb result.

In Uxbridge, biophilia was intended as a central theme from the beginning, so we ensured that many sections of ‘grid’ space-dividers featured plants - and the space on top of lockers was also designed to have planters throughout.

In Manchester, high up on the 8th floor, there are stunning panoramic views of the City. So at each end of the floor, we positioned low level seating so that occupants could soak in the bustling landscape. This space also features collaborative and focus areas to support a more agile approach to working.

Both locations feature bold colours; it isn’t often that we specify so many pinks and purples, but in the capable hands of designers Maze Workplace it pulls together for a big visual impact!

What We Did

Who We Worked With

It was our pleasure to work in partnership with Project Managers Francis Hunter and Designers Maze Workplace

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