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Good Causes

When I established Interion, I made a commitment that we would donate some of our profits to good causes. It’s a great thing to have done, and we’re thankful that our customers have allowed us, in our own small way, to ‘Change the World’!

David Mackie, Principal

David Mackie, Principal
Smallsteps children
Small Steps Project

We first found Small Steps because they put out an appeal for some office chairs – we didn’t forget the fantastic work they do, which is to provide shoes, medical care and direct support to some of the most disadvantaged children in the world – those who make a living scavenging on rubbish dumps in the World’s poorest Countries. This UK based Charity operates with an extremely low overhead, and is staffed largely by dedicated volunteers. They are gaining real traction with initiatives such as the annual celebrity shoe auction.

Graeae Theatre Company
Graeae Theatre Company

We heard about Graeae through an industry friend whose son is disabled and has a keen interest in the performing arts. Graeae are based very close to us, so we were able to visit and witness first hand their enthusiasm and dedication in providing theatre training, experience and opportunities for deaf and disabled artists. Perhaps most importantly, they are challenging preconceptions and breaking down barriers, with the aim of providing more equality of access for disabled artists across the entertainment industry.

Hopes & Homes for children
Hope & Homes for Children

Do you remember the news reports a few years ago about the dreadful conditions in East European orphanages? I certainly do, and I was reminded of this when hearing an appeal on Radio 4 one Sunday morning.

I was delighted to hear of this Charity’s goal to eliminate orphanages worldwide. That’s quite a commitment and a way of transforming misery to joy – for children and adopters alike. This amazing organisation is achieving outstanding results and is a very deserving recipient.

Food for the hungry
Food for the Hungry

I was introduced to FFTH by a local friend, who is a trustee of the Charity in the UK. Like Tearfund - a previous recipient of Interion giving - this organisation works worldwide where the need is greatest, focussing on sustainable initiatives that help people to escape poverty for good.

I like the fact that there is a very low overhead in the UK – all staff are voluntary – so the money goes where it is needed.

The Connection, St. Martins in the Fields
The Connection, St. Martins in the Fields

Over the past few years I have come to know and support a homeless man who gathers funds at Farringdon Station. He’s a great guy and I have learned a great deal from our conversations; its so important not to just ‘walk by’– there is a moving story behind every homeless person.

He has made great progress, and I wanted to know from him which homeless charity had been most instrumental when he had the greatest need. On his advice, I visited The Connection and was hugely impressed with the practical support and guidance they offer to London’s homeless – always with humility and respect.

As a London business, it was important to the whole Interion team that we supported London’s most needy, and we plan to maintain this support in future years.

Johannesburg Bible College
Johannesburg Bible College

Nat Schluter, the Principal, used to be a member of our Clergy team at St James’s in Gerrards Cross. He was in the UK raising funds to help develop the Johannesburg Campus, and my wife Lindsey and I offered to host a dinner party so that he could share their progress with potential donors.

We were shocked to hear of the number of ‘untrained’ preachers who were gathering Christian flocks in South Africa with false promises including that belief in Jesus would bring monetary rewards to converts. This sort of distortion of faith can be very damaging, and we felt that it was important to contribute to the good work Nat and his colleagues are doing.

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